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 ("Ecclesia" is from a Greek word meaning "assembly of believers")  



This ecclesia exists as a member support group for worship, study and personal development based on principles and teachings contained in the Bible, which members accept as the true Word of God 



For this, we defer to a 3rd party objective observation...

"The Christadelphians are a small Christian denomination. They might best be described as a conservative Christian movement which differs from conventional denominations in their beliefs concerning the nature of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Satan"...."their theological beliefs are much closer to those of the original Christian movement -- the Jewish Christian church centered in Jerusalem under the leadership of James -- than it is to most current Christian faith groups."

- (Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)



"THE SOCIAL DILEMMA" - highly recommended documentary re the latest iteration of the frog-like spirits impacting on democracy and the social fabric of society today. EVERYONE needs to see this!


Recordings (Audio/Video) - for 2023 Gathering Presentations select (Audio/Video) or (Audio only)

Hymns - online with music  (new link)

Christadelphian Hymn Book  (new link)

Ancient Melodies of the Bible


Berean Magazines (current)


Berean Magazine Archives (1923 - 1998)

Member Lessons - Women of the Bible (new page)

Audio Daily Bible Readings (KJV)


Audio Daily Bible Readings w/comments (click on "Comments for [current date]" then select audio version)


Richard Berean Christadelphian Facebook page (new link)

Richard Berean Ecclesia Weekend Study April 16 & 17, 2022

BCAF RESOURCES VIDEO CHANNEL (new link - currently +/- 125 talks for Gospel promotion)


RICHARD BEREANS VIDEO CHANNEL (new link for members - currently +/- 75 talks, exhortations & lectures)



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