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Be Ye Transformed - Vol  1  pdf   http

Be Ye Transformed - Vol 2  pdf   http

Be Ye Transformed - Vol 3  pdf   http

Be Ye Transformed - Vol 4  pdf   http

Between the Testaments

Search Me, O God

The Purifying of the Heavenly

Redeeming the Race

History of the Doctrine of the Trinity

The Diabolos

Divorce & Remarriage

Berean Basis of Fellowship 

There Is One Baptism

Christ's Teaching in Contrast to the Law of Moses

The Last Terrible Forty Years




Elpis Israel - 1910 edition

Chronikon Hebraikon 1910.  

An Exposition of Daniel - 1978 edition

An Exposition of Daniel

The Book Unsealed


The Last Days of Judah's Commonwealth

Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come

Blasphemy and the Names of Blasphemy


Faith in the Last Days 

Eureka Vol 1 Logos Edition

Eureka Vol 2 Logos Edition

Eureka Vol 3 Logos Edition

Eureka Vol 4 Logos Edition

Eureka Vol 5 Logos Edition


The Christian's Relations With the State

Guidebook to The New Testament

The Story of the Bible - Vol 1 - Creation to Exodus

The Story of the Bible - Vol 2 - to King David

The Story of the Bible - Vol 3 - to Hosea

The Story of the Bible - Vol 4 - to Esther

The Story of the Bible - Vol 5 - to Christ - early ministry

The Story of the Bible - Vol 6 - to Christ - late ministry

The Story of the Bible - Vol 7 - to Christ - death & res

The Story of the Bible - Vol 8 - to apostolic ministry

Harmony of Samuel, Kings & Chronicles (Crockett)

The Temple of Ezekiel's Prophecy

The Book of Daniel - Expositor

Wrested Scriptures 

Index Rerum

San Gabriel Address - John Randell

Index to Fellowship Articles

Brethren in Christ

Principles & Proverbs

Legalism & Faith

The Creation Text

The Protesters

Horae Apocalypticae - Elliot (new)

History of Christadelphians 1864 - 1885

Democracy - Its Influence Upon the World & the Ecclesia

The Tabernacle in the Wilderness 

The Bedside Watchman 

The Virtuous Woman 

Sister Jane Roberts to Younger Sisters 

Selah (collection of writings for Sisters)

Do All to the Glory of God 

A Sister's Place in the Family of God

"Let her be Covered" - the Hats of Christadelphian Sisters 

Berean Hymn Book

Compendium of Human History Vol 1

Compendium of Human History Vol 2

The Land and the Book Vol 1 - Thompson (Google Books)

The Land and the Book Vol 2 - Thompson (Google Books)

The Life & Times of Jesus the Messiah - Edersheim



Ecclesial Guide

Ecclesial Guide - kiSwahili

Seasons of Comfort Volume One

Seasons of Comfort Volume Two

The Final Consolation

The visible Hand of God

The Ways of Providence

Christendom Astray     pdf version

Law of Moses  pdf version

A Good Confession 

Bible Finger Posts

Answers to Bible Questions

The Declaration - KiSwahili

The Declaration

The Commandments of Christ 

Nazareth Revisited   pdf version

To the Elect of God in Times of Trouble

Life and Works of Dr. Thomas

My Days and My Ways

The Truth About God and the Bible

The Sect Everywhere Spoken Against

Where is the Promise of His Coming? 

Thirteen Lectures on the Apocalypse

Ministry of the Prophets




Audio Daily Bible Readings 

Strongs Online Concordance

Online Bible w/ Strongs (recommended)

Greek Quick Reference Guide


relative to BELIEVERS

Articles from "The Christadelphian" 1872 - 1889

Is Observance of Sabbath Binding on Believers?

Rudiments of the World vs Law of Liberty

Christ & the Sabbath  

The Covenants - New and Old - JT    

The First Day of the Week

7th Day Adventism - RR  

Sabbath Keeping

Are Believers Under the Law

Correspondence re Sabbath 1

Correspondence re Sabbath 2

10 Commandments part of Law of Moses

1st Day and 8th day

Sabbath and the 10 commandments

J Thomas on Sabbath Keeping


Magog & Gomer- from Elpis Israel

Magog in China?


Events Subsequent to Christ's Return

Apocalypse & History Chart (under construction)

The Eight Signs of John's Gospel

The "Grace" Word-family Tree (under construction)

God's 7000 Year Plan with this Earth

Analytical Table & Harmony of Mosaic Law

Relationship between "FAITH" & "WORKS" v3

Chronological Bible Index (MS Word)

Chronological Bible Index (Acrobat Reader)

Video - Ezekiel Ch 1

House of Prayer

Harmony of the Gospels (Robertson)

Passages in NT Quoted from OT

Significance of Colors as they Appear in the Scriptures

Pangea ("in his days was the earth divided")

Signal Fires of Beth Haccerem (with views from Rama)

Jerusalem Valleys

Link to BCAF Resources e-Library

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