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The Search for Sodom - Collins

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The Moabite Stone 

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3000 Year Old Hebrew Text Discovery

Bet Shemesh Discovery

Qeiyafa - Elah Valley (Hebrew University)

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1) Further articles reading the Ostracon - next gen 'Solomonic Gate'

2) Further articles reading the Ostracon - proto Canaanite/Hebrew script

3) Further articles reading the Ostracon - relates to birth of Israel Kingdom

4) Further articles reading the Ostracon - Discussion of Epigraphy methods

5) Before & After photos reading the Ostracon - Result of Epigraphy methods

Kirbet en Nahas - source of David & Solomon's Wealth?

Discovery of Davidic era wardrobe at Timnah   

The REAL Noah's Ark FOUND  - short documentary   

The Great Isaiah Scroll (w English translation - Israel Museum - Jerusalem)

Archeological Discovery at Ancient Gilgal

Archeological Discovery in City of David 

Archeological Discovery in City of Nazareth

Archeological Discovery Under Jerusalem Temple Mount

Archeological Discovery - Ostracon with reference to name "Jerubbaal"

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Catalogue of Available Virtual Tours (see Israel from your armchair) 

Is the Ark of the Covenant Still in Jerusalem? (very interesting video clip)

Solomon's Temple synched with reading of 1Kings 6 (5:11)

Solomon's Temple Explained (10:20) 

2nd Temple / Herod's Temple (14:50) (gives interesting perspective on the Olivet prophecy)